PayPal Pays It Forward for GivingTuesday

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PayPal joined GivingTuesday as a partner just a few short weeks before the big day. As this was Canada’s first GivingTuesday, the challenge was to create awareness plus celebrate it in a fun and meaningful way.


Jimmy’s Coffee, is a charming and much-loved indie coffee chain in downtown Toronto, where Torontonians can use the PayPal app to get their drink or food of choice. It was the chosen spot for our ‘PayPal it forward’ surprise and delight campaign for GivingTuesday. Coffees were on PayPal and people were challenged to pay it forward during the holiday season.

Activation details

PayPal ActivationRegulars at Jimmy’s Coffee lined up throughout the day to get their delicious brew. On December 3, 2013, the regulars had a surprise in store. They were told that their coffee was on PayPal and they were encouraged to think how they could give back to their city, community or a cause close to their heart during the holiday season. The campaign was supported with a printed flyer explaining the concept, with an invitation to have people share their “acts of giving” on Twitter or Facebook.


Response to this program exceeded expectations and Jimmy’s Coffee customers were delighted. Many had never heard of GivingTuesday and paused to think how they could positively impact their communities, readily sharing their intentions for charities they plan to support and other acts of giving. Reactions and giving stories were videotaped and PayPal shared the PayPal Canada Celebrates Giving Tuesday video the same day on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to create further awareness.


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