For GivingTuesday, AARC is "helping teens reach their twenties" by focusing on raising funds that will help subsidize program costs for youth whose families would not otherwise have the means to access AARC’s vital addiction treatment.

AARC is an accredited non-profit, long-term intensive treatment centre for chemically addicted adolescents between the ages of 12 and 21. The Centre provides a long-term, cost-effective, family-centric, full-time treatment model for young people who have reached a point of serious addiction to drugs and alcohol; AARC is often a last resort. 

But here at AARC, we see miracles happen every day. When a young person walks through the doors, they are often desperate, defeated, and completely hopeless. Lives have been destroyed and families have been torn apart. But at AARC, we know what that’s like. Many of have been in the grips of addiction ourselves, and have overcome the ravages that it caused.

We believe in this program, because we’ve seen it work over and over again. We believe in all the individuals who come into this program, because we know that deep down within them lies the courage to change. We believe in the families that stand behind those individuals, because they too have repeatedly shown strength and bravery while overcoming numerous difficulties. But most of all, we believe in miracles, because we know where we’d be without the love and support of AARC and its entire staff.

Make miracles happen: join our generous donor community

There is a solution for adolescent addiction. With the support of sponsors, donors and friends of AARC, we are able to bring hope back to these young and shattered lives.To date, 598 adolescents and their families have graduated from AARC with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

Thank you for helping us make miracles happen -
Thank you for helping teens reach their twenties!

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