AHC Society of Edmonton


Action for Healthy Communities Society of Edmonton (AHC) is a registered charity serving in Edmonton since 1995. Our programs and services support capacity building for people to improve skills and competencies, fully participate in developing and continuously acting on their potentials to foster well-being, create a life of independence, achieve personal success as well as contribute to the success of their families and the broader community in Edmonton. Active, participating residents working together to build healthy communities. Our approach mirrors the moral behind this famous Chinese proverb...when you give someone a fish, you feed them a meal; but when you teach them how to fish, you guarantee them food security for life...
Our GIVINGTUESDAY 2015 campaign is going to be focused on online promotion (#AHCNetBlast) through our weekly E-Newsletter, social media, video/audio/script posts on our website, email blast to all our supporters; as well as sharing about GIVINGTUESDAY at our November 2015 leadership training, Entrepreneurial training and our youth programs in twelve Edmonton schools.
You can support AHC by making a donation here: www.a4hc.ca/volunteer-donate/donate

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