Antyx Community Arts


Antyx Community Arts is dedicated to engaging youth through the arts. We believe that participation in the arts can help empower youth to become positive agents of social change in their communities. We support youth in developing a variety of Digital Arts skills (video, photography, animation...) that they use to create stories about their lives and explore the issues that are important to them. Every Antyx Digital Arts Program brings youth together, lets them build new skills and gives them the chance to make a positive difference in their communities.


Antyx is seeking to raise $4000.00 to purchase equipment for our Digital Arts programs so more youth can become engaged.
The money we raise will be used to purchase five iPads to be part of our mobile digital arts lab. The portability of iPads allows us reach youth in their communities. iPads are versatile tools that youth can use to create a variety of arts projects (Video, Photography, Music, Animation) from start to finish.  Your donation will also help us purchase a new portable sound system that will be used to make sure the voice of youth can be heard at community performances and youth led events.
Antyx Digital Arts programming gives youth the opportunity to use technology so they can develop their creativity, tell their stories and be artists and creative leaders in their schools and neighborhood. Youth who work with Antyx on Digital Arts projects develop confidence, build connections with other youth and artist mentors and create art that expresses their unique vision of the world.

Take a look at some of the digital art created by youth in our programs:
  • “Wholeness” is an animated video about overcoming racism and living life as a whole person:
  • “#SafeAB” is a video created by the Gay Straight Alliance at Forest Lawn High School for their social media campaign to address homophobia and promote safety and inclusion for all students:
  • Muiz, Mohammad and Jasen made a video/animation/dance mashup to combat negative perceptions of youth:


  • A gift of $1200.00 would allow us to purchase a portable sound system that will energize youth arts performances and events.

  • A gift of $500.00 would purchase an iPad that would be used to teach youth new skills to create new video, animation or music projects.

  • A gift of $50.00 would help us purchase an Animation or Photo Editing App for our iPads.

  • A gift of any amount will be an investment in the creative potential of the youth we work with.

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