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Avalon Sexual Assault Centre

Today is a day dedicated to supporting organizations that make a positive impact on your community! As professional counsellors, educators, health practitioners and activists, we are committed to providing a leadership role in the community, raising awareness and supporting those who have experienced sexualized violence.

Avalon relies on the generosity of the community members who support our programs and services. Each year we see the number of referrals and requests increase for our services. Survivors of sexualized violence are increasingly standing up, speaking out and asking for support. Your support today will help ensure that Avalon is there to provide it!

Your donations can help us purchase much needed items such as blankets, weighted pillows, aromatherapy oils, journals, and mala beads - Items that help many of our clients feel safe, nurtured, comforted and protected as our counsellors support them along their journey of healing and recovery from trauma.

Donations to Avalon provide survivors of sexualized violence with the tools and support they need to heal, and enables us to continue working towards our goal of creating communities free from sexualized violence.


Avalon Sexual Assault Centre is a non-profit, community-based organization that has been at the forefront of direct service delivery and support for victims and survivors of sexualized violence for 34 years. We support empowerment in individuals and communities to both prevent and respond to sexualized violence. At Avalon we work to understand the root causes of sexualized violence, and are committed to changing the social and political culture that creates and condones it.


Avalon’s specialized therapeutic counselling program is available to women and trans individuals 16 years and older. We also provide information sessions to the non-offending parents of children who have disclosed sexual abuse, and to supportive partners of clients accessing services. Avalon receives hundreds of new counselling requests each year, and last year provided a combined total of 1,910 counselling sessions.

The SANE program provides important health information, medical intervention and forensic evidence collection to people of all genders who have just experienced sexual assault. Our SANE nurses respond to the Emergency Departments of HRM hospitals and health centres to provide medical follow up and/or forensic evidence collection for individuals who have experienced a sexual assault in the past 5 days. Last year SANEs made a total of 242 immediate response calls, including responding to hospital a total of 147 times.

Avalon conducts educational community outreach and public awareness campaigns with the goal of effecting social and systemic change. We offer prevention-based workshops in schools and youth-serving organizations, professional training sessions, and community meetings/consultations. Because sexualized violence is a criminal offence, legal education is an important component of Avalon’s educational programs. We provide information and training regarding sexual assault laws, consent, age of consent, mandatory reporting, and the legal process after sexual assault.


“I strongly believe that I am alive today because of Avalon. The people I met here, the services I got here, the support and the safety, it saved my life.”

“The SANE nurses provided the services needed in such a traumatic time with care, respect and sensitivity. I greatly appreciate the emotional support, as well as, the swiftness of the medical procedures carried out by these wonderful nurses.”

 “You cannot compare what Avalon does…on a daily, hourly, by-minute basis to anything that is offered by the province.”

 “Avalon has helped me see that I am separate from the abuse and has made me strong and showed me how resilient I am.”

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