Bible League Canada

Christians are in crisis in this unnamed country. It's estimated that more than 50,000 Christians are currently being tortured in labour camps because they were caught practicing their faith.

Five years ago, the first-ever translation of the New Testament for this country was completed. This year, an Old Testament translation was completed.

For the first time ever, partner with us and place a fully translated Old and New Testament Bible in the hands of Christians in this country. This is the first new version in their dialect in 40 years and gives hope to our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Your gift will be part of a history-making campaign to ensure Christians here - who face government backlash every day - have access to a complete Bible they can understand. An entire new generation of people can open God's Living Word thanks to your support.

On Tuesday, November 29th, we need your help to raise $15,000 to provide 6,000 fully translated Bibles in this isolated country. Please give generously! Your donation will be matched.

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