Bracelet of Hope

Bracelet of Hope is participating in Guelph Gives, Giving Tuesday, by participating in World AIDS Day on December 1st, with our signature Gala on December 2nd and by creating awareness to support children and families devastated by HIV & AIDS in Lesotho, Africa.

We value the potential and ability that every individual has to change the world.

We believe that the relationships that bring people together in a community- whether local or across the world- are fundamental to creating a better world. Working with people affected by HIV/AIDS requires the skills, knowledge, experience and creativity of many. We believe that collaboration at all levels is essential to supporting those affected by AIDS and that collaboration must respect local ownership of decision making.

We believe that all people have the right to good health. As an organization we respect all people and promote human rights for all. We strive to understand and feel for those who suffer and act in ways that prevent and alleviate that suffering.

This year, our goal is to gain 20 new monthly donors through existing supporters or new members looking to support bright futures for children in Lesotho!

Please join us in supporting orphans and families affected by HIV/AIDS, to provide bright, happy futures for our children!

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