Calgary Health Trust

This year, join us and give in support of adolescent mental health!

The teenage years can be difficult for anyone, but for those with a mental health challenge it can seem impossible.  Imagine a 13 year old girl so stricken by anxiety that the thought of going to school or out for dinner with their family leaves her shaking with fear. Or a 16 year old boy who is being bullied at school and now feels worthless, helpless and alone.

One in five Canadians face a mental health issue in their lifetime – for a young person the impact can be overwhelming.  Access to services, supports and treatment is critical.  In Calgary alone, more than 1,200 young people receive services, support and treatment as an inpatient at a Calgary Hospital, including Foothills Medical Centre and South Health Campus.

They all need your help.  

Recreational activities, physical outlets, and art therapy help youth develop better positive life skills and coping strategies, increase their confidence and impact the relationships they have with their family and peers. Encouraging youth to engage in healthy activities is important in the long-term success of managing their illness, can shorten the length of stay in hospital and prevent them from finding other unhealthy means of escape.

Help us raise $5,000 this Giving Tuesday for recreational supports for our Adolescent Mental Health Programs!  Please come together with other Calgary Health Trust supporters and choose us this Giving Tuesday – it will help youth in our city on their journey to recovery.

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