Cumberland College

Cumberland College is hosting a scholarship drive on GivingTuesday! For 45 years we have been bringing timely, in-demand programs taught by knowledgeable and supportive instructors right to the doorsteps of our local students. We go above and beyond to give our students a quality educational experience that rivals that of our urban counterparts and maintaining a generous scholarship and awards program is one of our top goals ….but we can’t do that alone. We rely on the generosity of donors from our local communities to build our awards program. People like YOU. For a student, receiving an award is not only a welcome financial boost, but this year, being selected for an award is like receiving a virtual pat on the back, providing acknowledgement for a job well done and encouragement to keep up the good work! Our students have adapted to an entire new way of learning and we marvel in their resilience, dedication and success. They deserve a virtual pat on the back! On Giving Tuesday, we invite you to become part of something global simply by giving local. Sending that virtual pat on the back is just a click away!

Faites un don