Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House

For GivingTuesday we are promoting our Food Program.

Our impact: Food Program is unique, supports optional nourishment of whole foods & predominantly plant based meals.

All of our Programs incorporate our Community Kitchen, which promotes nutritional literacy in practices of meal planning, cooking, sharing and eating together. Most importantly, kid’s kitchen models kids to plan meals, cook, clean up and most importantly absorb nutritional literacy, influencing sustainable life choices. Our Nutritional Outreach Program delivers fresh fruit and smoothies to individuals, seniors and those who are isolated and living on Vancouver’s streets. The impact fosters social networks, reduces loneliness, isolation and supports overall wellbeing for children, homeless those affected by poverty. The average DTES resident lives with one or more serious health issues, has a compromised immune system and is either homeless or under-housed, many with no access to cooking facilities.

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