ESS Support Services

“Be a Game Changer”!                     
Over the last year, the ESS driving force has provided more than 20,000 rides to over 700 seniors in the Etobicoke community!

However, in the coming year, our transportation program faces serious challenges with reduced funding and increasing need.

We need your help to ensure that transportation to medical and therapy appointments, community programs, grocery shopping and social-recreational activities remain available to our seniors, reducing their isolation and hospital emergency visits.

Here are examples of how donation dollars can “change the game” for our seniors and their caregivers:

$165 will provide 16 seniors with transportation to the local grocery store
$140 will help a senior get to 2 specialist appointments at a downtown hospital
$125 will provide 8 seniors transportation to our Seniors Lunch Program

$75 will cover the costs for a senior to get to 4 local medical, dental or therapy appointments
$25 will enable a senior to travel with ESS Transportation for 3 days to our Adult Day Program

As part of the ESS driving force,your donation of $50, $100 or other, can increase the number of seniors getting to important medical, social and community appointments.

On behalf of all of us at ESS, please accept our sincere best wishes for the holiday season.

Faites un don