Friends of Fish Creek

This year we are focusing our Giving Tuesday program on the Jobber’s House renovation and revitalization project. This building was part of the ranch upgrades carried out by Patrick Burns in 1918, and is one of only three buildings remaining from the Burns period, a significant time for the ranching industry in Canada.This house has been part of the charm of Fish Creek Provincial Park for three generations and community members constantly tell us how much the building means to them. The Friends of Fish Creek is in growth mode and we require additional space to develop our social enterprise programs, add staff and respond to the demand for our programs and support to the community and other non profits. We are proposing to take over and renovate and repurpose the Jobber’s House to support our growth, further support our community, provide a facility to serve as a hub for less established non-profit groups and ensure the survival of this piece of Calgary’s history.By utilizing this building, we can improve, enhance and expand our educational activities, such as the TD Learning Naturally program, host community outreach activities, meetings, and year-round wellness activities, and realize countless other possibilities. This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to help support the Jobber’s House conservation project here in Fish Creek Provincial Park.

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