Friends of the Rouge Watershed

Friends of the Rouge Watershed (FRW) involves thousands of volunteers in hands-on forest, wetland and meadow restoration projects to mitigate climate change impacts including flooding, heat extremes and biodiversity loss, while improving watershed, ecosystem and community health.  

FRW promotes a scientific and community stewardship approach to creating and implementing plans to improve watershed health, mitigate climate change, and create healthy and resilient communities and ecosystems.   Since 1991, FRW and our partners have:
•    Educated and empowered 65,000 youth and community volunteers;
•    Planted and maintained more than 730,000 native trees, flowering shrubs and wildflowers;
•    Restored 3.5 million square metres of forest, wetland, and meadow habitat;
•    Advocated successfully for watershed and ecosystem approaches to planning;
•    Helped to create Rouge River Watershed, Rouge Park, and Greenbelt Plans.

Your support will help FRW continue our environmental education programming for youth and community participants, and ensure we can plant 10,000 native trees, shrubs, and wildflowers in 2020.

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