Good To Be Good

Good To Be Good Foundation is a community-wide, grassroots humanitarian and advocacy aid organization on a mission to serve vulnerable communities and help build a kind and equal world.

We are encouraging everyone to support every woman, girl, trans person, and woman-identified woman's right to live a free and dignified life. Please consider a donation to our Women's Relief Fund—our efforts to respond to the immediate needs of diverse women, girls, and communities experiencing gender-based violence and abuse, crisis, and poverty on a local level. We seek your support to ensure a strong and committed focus on gender equality, women's rights, and eradicating systemic gender violence and poverty.

Proceeds will provide critical and restorative support for women and marginalized communities that are facing disproportionate effects of gender-based violence, poverty, homelessness, and conflict. Your donation will make a significant and direct contribution to ensure immediate access to supports they need to sustain themselves through the pandemic crisis. This includes:

  • healthy food and groceries
  • warm takeaway meals
  • gift cards
  • menstrual items
  • baby products
  • personal aid
  • community-based resources and programs
  • rent supplements
  • safe shelter and assistance programs

We believe that global change starts with creating impact locally. As a volunteer-powered, BIPOC and women-led organization, we are able to tailor our approach to address the immediate challenges of our most vulnerable communities while also addressing the underlying conditions and longstanding systemic inequalities that make people 'vulnerable' in the first place.

Our continuing mission is to address the needs of the most vulnerable using an intersectional, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed lens. Combatting injustice and discrimination has always been–and will continue to be–at the heart of what we do. Equality is a Human Right that we must all fight for.

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