Making STEM education accessible to everyone!

COVID-19 has made major changes to all aspects of our daily lives, including negatively impacting the economy and creating unexpected challenges for communities. Unfortunately, underserved and marginalized communities are bearing the brunt of these challenges thus creating even greater barriers to accessing equitable education than existed before. 

Through our outreach work in these communities, we have found that: 

* 1 in 4 high school-aged girls do not have a computer at home
* 20 out of 30 students in our program do not have access to a home computer 

During our GO!stem, STEMing UP Program and STEM summer programs, we teamed up with companies such as Salesforce and Shopify and the charitable organization Sky’s The Limit in order to provide participants with laptops. The young women in these programs were able to take the laptops home and should wifi not have been available at their homes, as is the case with many Canadian households, they could take these computers to local libraries or community centers to access the internet. 

As education has become dependent on internet access due to the pandemic, unfortunately, low income households are once again the ones being left behind. hEr VOLUTION offers programs that has proven to bridge the gap for women in STEM and, when we thought we have it all figured out, the pandemic happened and, I have seen how difficult it is for these young women to connect with their peers and programs that can benefit them when it comes to reaching their career goals. 

We understand the importance of access to technology both inside and outside the classroom. Especially given that all schooling is being delivered online for the foreseeable future access to computers inside the home has never been more important. 

We are very proud of the young women who have participated in our programming in the past, and we are proud to have been able to partner with organizations that support the mission of accessibility to education. However, we need to go further and ensure that access to technology goes beyond access to laptops. Our current mission is to expand access to the internet in the homes of those who cannot afford it. According to Statistics Canada, 29% of people struggle to afford and access the internet in their homes. This leaves a massive gap in the population where individuals cannot access valuable information and tools for learning. 

We invite you to join us and make a contribution to our project to help deliver online learning to the most vulnerable population in our communities. 

Any amount will help and it is much appreciated! 
Each $65 donation will subsidize internet cost for one household for a month.

If your company is interested in getting involved and to make a contribution, we invite you to connect with us to discuss this possibility. 

It is clear that we need to focus our attention on inspiring future generations of women to become leaders in health care, technology, the environment, and the economy. What this requires is that future generations can still access their education and technology now. 

Who We Are:

Based in Toronto, Canada, hEr VOLUTION is the go to place for youth to come to in order to advance in 21st Century Skills. We focus our attention on supporting young women and underserved communities to have access to STEM programming and inspire them to continue onto STEM careers. We exist to create opportunities for the next generation of women in STEM by connecting them with leaders in the industry for career support. We listen to the needs of the community and those of the STEM industry in order to better help the next generation. 

What We Live By:

  • Integrity: We are committed to acting in an ethical and honest manner starting with our team and extending it to our participants, partners, donors, volunteers, and stakeholders.
  • Respect: We show appreciation and respect each other’s values and beliefs while remaining aware of the impact we make on others
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and for supporting one another. 
  • Reach: We turn ideas into action and challenge ourselves to consistently deliver greater programs that impact our community
  • Equity: We do not believe in or follow a hierarchy, we are committed to doing the work equally 

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