KCR Community Resources


We will be participating in the gathering for the City Hall proclamation and promoting our many different programs of service.

KCR is a not for profit agency fostering diversity, collaboration and resourcefulness by tailoring services to meet community, family and individual needs. KCR is a multi-service agency offering programs and projects in four over-arching areas:

Promotes community information, supporting volunteer management and hosting learning opportunities.

Helping unemployed and under-employed individuals identify career and educational goals, navigate job search and develop essential job skills. Collaborating with employers in the Central Okanagan to more easily recruit quality applicants.

Providing family-centered, preventative supports and program referrals to parents with young children to increase knowledge, skills and community connections. Facilitating the legal and emotional process for adoptive parents building their family through intercountry and domestic adoption, for birth parents who want to make adoption plans and children in need of permanent homes.

Assisting Immigrants to Canada to feel welcome by providing information and connecting them to the community. Promoting the benefits of cultural diversity in our community by coordinating cultural awareness activities.

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