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Kin Canada Bursaries

Each year, the Kin Canada Bursaries program awards $1,000 bursaries to students pursuing post-secondary education at a recognized university, community college, technical institute and other schools for advanced education.

Donations Help In More Ways Than One
The number of bursaries awarded each year depends on the Fund’s balance, donations from Kin, Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs, and public donors across Canada. The more donations, the more bursaries the program can award, and the closer we'll get to a balance that can self-sustain the program in the future.

Student Debt Keeps Growing
With student debt growing exponentially and the debt accumulated per year easily reaching a staggering $8,000 or more per student, post-secondary education is expensive and causes barriers for many. For those who do receive loans that gather interest during their schooling, the financial burden and stress can last for several years after graduation.

Help Give Every Canadian Access to Higher Education
We believe in investing in our future and recognize the role of education in doing so. By donating to the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund, you'll help us fulfill our goal of making education accessible to every Canadian.

Thank you to our past and future donors for your support. If you're a current or incoming student, or if you know someone who is, remember to apply for a Kin Canada bursary. The application form, criteria, and other helpful information is available at

Fast Facts:
- 979 bursaries worth $979,000 have been awarded since the program's founding in 1994.
- Kin Canada Bursaries is one of the largest non-corporate providers of bursaries in Canada.
- 163 applications were received for the 2015-2016 school year and 72 students from across Canada received a $1,000 bursary.

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