L'Arche Arnprior


People who are labeled by their disabilities have gifts that are deeply needed in our world even if they are not always valued in the job market. When others, - family, friends, co-workers, support workers (assistants), professionals - enter into relationships with persons with disabilities where each gives and receives, it is life-giving for both. This 'mutuality' can lead to healing and growth for individuals and there community. L'Arche seeks to change the world by offering a place for people with and without disabilities to live with one another. To learn the value of one another and to share the importance of everyone's uniqueness and significance with the world. The vision of L’Arche, inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus, is of a world where all people are truly welcomed regardless of age, gender, ability, faith, or culture. It is a vision shared by many others who work for peace and justice, equality and human dignity. This Giving Tuesday we hope to spread awareness of the changes that can be made when we work together. By reaching out to and working with others we can make the world a more hopeful place.

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