Life With A Baby

1 in 5 moms will experience a postpartum depression or axiety after the birth of their baby.  YOU can make a difference in the lives of countless parents.

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LWAB is peer-based and free. It allows members to participate regularly in events and online forums. Members stay engaged for a long period and develop strong relationships as their children grow. 
Program evaluation of LWAB found that 100% of members would recommend the program to a friend.

Public Health Nurses, Midwives and Family Doctors and other healthcare professionals are also referring new parents to LWAB since it raises awareness of Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) and helps to minimize the symptoms. Survey results show that members say they feel less isolated, feel they are better parents and are more able to cope with real-life challenges of taking care of a baby.

Help us help more moms.

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