Na'amat Canada

Last year, we were able to provide our Na'amat children with simple delights. With your help, this year we can give them so much more. Our Na'amat caregivers will make sure that, along with sufganiyot and chocolates, each child at risk will feel the true miracle of the Chanukah holiday by receiving, along with some treats, the necessities that we all take for granted each day.

Please join us to make this Chanukah brighter for Israeli children.

Ness Gadol Yiheyah Sham. Let us make a great miracle happen.

Wishing you a happy and wonderful Chanukah.

Light one candle for you, our Na'amat donors who, through your generosity, allow these children to have toys and books to play with for Chanukah and allow us to maintain our centres for the good of Israel.

Faites un don