Native Men's Residence

Through a culture-based approach that addresses the holistic needs of its clients, Na-Me-Res' (Native Men's Residence) mission is to provide temporary, transitional and permanent housing to Aboriginal men experiencing homelessness in Toronto while providing outreach and support services to the broader Aboriginal homeless population.

The Men's Residence 14 Vaughan Road: Clients who are homeless are provided with temporary shelter, assistance and support to secure housing appropriate to their needs.  To meet the increasing number of Aboriginal men who come to Toronto for a better life, the residence has grown since 1985 from a  26 to a 71 bed residence. 

Sagatay (A New Beginning) 26 Vaughan Road:  Sagatay is a safe and supportive learning and housing environment with 25 beds for Aboriginal men.  Programs offered provide residents with the opportunity to develop the skills required to succeed in the broader urban environment as strong, self-confident Aboriginal men.

Aboriginal Outreach & Support Services:  This service is provided to people living on the streets and seasonal shelters, providing them with support and assistance as they transition from streets to homes, or from hostels to homes.  To ensure clients remain successfully housed, an Aboriginal-specific case-management service called Aftercare is provided to each client enrolled.  Our goals are to eliminate any issued that arise once the client is housed.  These issues can include the need for a primary healthcare provider, ID clinics, neighbourhood meal sites, food banks and walk-in clinics.

The O'Gitchidaa Mushkiki Wigwam (OMW): This is the Anishnawbe name of our housing located in Parkdale; when translated into the English language it loosely means the Warriors' Medicine House.  Na-Me-Res provides property management for two house both of which opened in September 2012.  Tenants must be current or former Na-Me-Res residents.  Sometimes new clients who move into OMW are familiar with other residents who then become their neighbours.  This gives tenants a sense of community and sharing.  Tenants are also welcome to visit Na-Me-Res to participate in sweats, circles and other activities.   OMW is comprised of two recently renovated houses neighbouring each other; there are a total of 22 units (11 bachelors, 10 one-bedrooms and 1 two-bedroom).  Currently, about 40% of OMW tenants have been there for over three years.

Ngim Kowa Njichaag (Reclaiming My Spirit):  Builds strong cultural identity and connection to community, comprised of traditional sweats; sweat rock gathering; men's circles--Elders and traditional people come to share their traditional knowledge, teachings and cultural practices; traditional drumming; hand drum making; 

Mino Kaanjigoowin (Changing My Direction In Life):  Means finding the good to change yourself or your direction in life.  Clients challenged with severe mental-health and addiction issues are provided with a specialized response design to meet their particular needs.

Apaenmowineen (Having Confidence In Myself):  Six month life-skills program is offered in a safe and supportive learning environment at Sagatay.  Workshops include but are not limited to healthy living, drumming, literacy, community gardening, sharing circles, financial literacy, creative writing, traditional teachings, photography, addictions programming and employability workshops.

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