Ontario Archaeological Society


The Ontario Archaeological Society (OAS) has been a leading provincial heritage organization thanks primarily to the devoted volunteer work of amateur or avocational archaeologists whose contributions to the conservation and stewardship of Ontario’s archaeological heritage over the past six decades is immeasurable.
In support of this legacy, the OAS wishes to undertake an update to the Manual for Avocational Archaeologists, last edited more than a decade ago. This will not only ensure that current best practices are invoked, but also will harmonize the document with the 2011 Standards and Guidelines for Consultant Archaeologists issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. An updated manual will also serve as a mechanism for bringing more members of the public into the licensing, and hence provincial site recording, process. This public includes not only recreational artifact surface collectors, but also First Nations communities  who have requested copies for their archaeological liaison/monitor training programs. For these critical constituents, updated manuals could provide a powerful tool for “distance learning” connected with archaeological monitor training.

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