Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre

The conversation about sexual violence is changing. It's growing. And people are feeling rage, they're feeling triggered, they're feeling sadness.

We hear it from survivors, from supporters, from members of the community - people are angry, and hurt, and disillusioned. It's easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed in the face of such a widespread and painful problem.

This year, for 16 Days of Activism, we want to give you a way to channel your sadness and your outrage into action. We want to give you an outlet that will have a real, direct impact for survivors.

We want the conversation to move from #MeToo to #IWill.

This is not about asking survivors to take action. This is about taking accountability as a community, about listening to survivors when they say "me too" and taking the next step.

Since 2013, we have seen several powerful movements emerge online, all of them driven by the raw, honest, personal stories of survivors - particularly of women, trans folks, and non-binary folks.

#YesAllWomen. #BeenRapedNeverReported. #WhatIKnow. #ShoutingBack. #WhenIWas. #NotOkay. #MeToo.

Over and over again, survivors have provided us with proof that sexual violence infects every level of our lives. About every six months, there's a new hashtag. A new movement. So we are asking people to believe survivors even when there isn't a #MeToo, and to take that next step. Take action: say #IWill.

Every dollar donated will go towards expanding our centre's reach and supporting survivors right here in the National Capital Region. It will go towards our 24-hr crisis line, our free counselling services, our accompaniment and advocacy programs.

Your support will also help create systemic change, working towards a world free of sexual and gender-based violence through public education workshops and communication campaigns.

This is the work that we do every day, but it is not just our work. Everyone has a role to play in destroying rape culture. Using the hashtags #MeTooToIWill and #16Days, tell us what you will be doing to put an end to sexual violence.

By the end of 2017, we want to have raised $2000 to go towards training 5 new crisis line counsellors to help us answer the call.

Take the next step.
Believe survivors. Tell us #IWill.

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