Parents Engaged in Education

We are providing Learn-at-Home kits for children in shelters, dependent on food banks or in care of the Children's Aid.

The purpose is to reduce the mental health issues that have been developing within low income communities as children are isolated in small rooms with several family members.

These kits offer them pen and paper workbooks so they continue their learning as well as great readers, art supplies, activities and card/dice games with all the instructions to provide some distraction and entertainment in a very difficult situation.

We have already delivered 200 kits to local shelters and are working on another 400 right now.
We need your support to build an additional 500 kits bringing the total to 1,200 kits in total.

As long as funding supports the project, we will keep volunteering to build more and more so that children have what they need to help them through this crisis.

See details on our website at :

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