Playwrights Theatre Centre

We want to thank you for being a part of PTC! We couldn't do the things we do without you -- our supporters, members, partners, volunteers and community. We're grateful that this year has been busy and rewarding. We've moved into our new space at 739 Gore Avenue that we now share with Pi Theatre, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, The Only Animal, Up in the Air Theatre, Working Spark Theatre, ZeeZee Theatre, playwright Jenn Griffin and novelist Anakana Schofield. With a team of talented animators currently working on a production in our HUB space, and all of the workshops, readings and rehearsals in our studio, the place feels a-buzz with co-creative activity. PTC works hard to find, nurture and advance Canadian playwrights. We have programs to support a diversity of playwrights at all levels -- from emerging to established. [Feel free to insert program detail: e.g., on the innovative work (with quote?) of outgoing associates, and excitement about incoming Associates that we'll be working with on leading-edge projects with us for the next three years.] On GivingTuesday (December 3rd), we ask you to consider partnering with us in whatever way you can. We would be so appreciative if you could join us -- as a member, a volunteer, an ambassador or a supporter. Together we amplify our impact. And PTC will continue to work hard to ensure that all of your contributions go far to support Canadian playwriting and to create a strong thriving theatre community. [Hotlink "contributions" to our Canada Helps landing page.] Let's think, write, play... together!