Raising the Roof / Chez Toit


Raising the Roof is launching its 19th Annual national Toque Campaign on Giving Tuesday 2015!

We have set a goal to sell 250 toques (or mittens!) in one day! Canadians are encouraged to purchase a toque from one of our 50 local community agencies across Canada, or to purchase a toque (or mittens!) online at: https://www.gifttool.com/shop/ShopDepartment?ID=1676&VER=1&LNG=EN&DID=1197

What could 250 toques do? The money raised from 250 toques would help provide:

- life-skills training for four single mothers,
- one month of housing for a homeless youth,
- hot meals for 25 people who need it most,
- two micro loans for women fleeing domestic violence and securing safe shelter,
- and one week's worth of transit tokens

50% of all toque sales benefit local community agencies where toques are sold. These agencies work directly with people experiencing/at-risk of homelessness. The remainder of proceeds benefit Raising the Roof's national initiatives.

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