Seniors Come Share Society

This year marked the 40th Anniversary at Seniors Come Share Society. It has been a year of celebrating the past and looking forward to the future. Seniors Come Share will provide support, community programming, caregiver respite, housing assistance and care for more than 5,000 seniors in Surrey and White Rock this coming year. This includes more than 346 daily, or 86,644 annual, connections by our staff and over 185 volunteers at our 12 locations. These connections are made in a variety of ways through our Day Programs, Better at Home support services, meal and cooking programs, Share and Care social clubs, resource directories, peer support (Peers Reaching Out) program, telephone reassurance, friendly visiting, caregiver and family care, community events and outreach, and more. In 2018, we plan to expand our efforts around the issues of housing shortages and homelessness for seniors.

We would not have the opportunity to let older adults who receive support through our organization know that they are cared for without the assistance of community-minded individuals, businesses and groups. Funding for our various programs and support offerings is reliant on government and program/project grants, donations, local partnerships and fundraising.

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