Spinal Cord Injury Ontario


Your donation will change someone’s life.

On Giving Tuesday we are raising funds for people who need essential equipment but cannot afford it.

There is typically no government assistance for people to get the majority of essential equipment like ramps, lifts, or even replacement batteries for a power wheelchair.

Where support is available for mobility devices (wheelchair, wheeled walker), 25% of the cost must be contributed by the client. Coming up with these funds can be impossible for many whose financial well-being has been devastated by their injury.

People not being covered by the Ontario Disability Support Program, or by work or personal insurance are falling through gaps in the system and they need help getting essential equipment and support they need.

Equipment funding makes for life-changing and lifesaving help that lasts for years. People who receive help are selected based on need by front line staff with decades of experience helping and assessing the needs of people with spinal cord injury and includes people with lived experience of spinal cord injury.

Your donation will be matched by PIA Law, doubling the impact of your gift.

Your donation will change someone’s life.

Thank you.

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