Terra Centre for Teen Parents


Warm food, warm hearts
After years of use and lots of love, it’s time to replace our kitchenware. This #GivingTuesday, we need your help to raise $2,000 for new cooking and serving utensils, pots, pans, cutlery and dishes. Help us continue providing healthy meals for our families with your gift today.
We provide meals for approximately 80 teen moms, dads and their children each month in our parenting groups and classes. Many of our participants live in poverty and rely on these groups as part of their food security plan. Over a meal, young families bond and share experiences with each other, creating a natural support network and lasting friendships. Meals also serve as an important opportunity for families to learn about nutrition, health and cultural traditions.
Your contribution ensures young parents and their children will continue to receive nutritious meals to help their brains grow and bodies develop.
Make your gift today and help us raise $2,000 for new kitchenware to continue feeding our families! 

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