The Alex

As leaders in the provision of primary health care The Alex has been providing health and social solutions to Calgarians for over 40 years. Tackling tough social issues head-on is what we do and who we are. From babies to seniors our clients are as unique and special as the care they receive.

Recognizing a critical service gap in dental care for kids, The Alex launched the Dental Health Bus (DHB) in the winter of 2013. Understanding that kids living with dental pain lose their ability to focus, fall behind in school, struggle with social isolation and experience secondary diseases such as throat and ear infections we set out on a journey to restore not only their smiles but their health.

Partnering with local school boards the mobile dental clinic and it's team of dental professionals visits16 high need elementary schools treating children from low-socio economic households. What we encountered in our first 6 months of operations was beyond our capacity and ability to treat. Of the 758 children who visited the DHB 141 required restorative dental care. That's when the SMILES Dental Clinic was born.

Partnering with Dr.Matt Karavos, owner of Crescent Dental the DHB partnered on it's first marathon 5 hour clinic treating 42 of the highest needs children, a second and third clinic was conducted but we still have kids on a waiting list for treatment.

"What we saw at our first clinic brought tears to the eyes of my team, many of whom are veterans in the dental industry. The levels of advanced decay in some of these kids is beyond what you want to see as dental professionals - we simply can't let kids live with this kind of risk and pain." Dr.Matt Karavas.

That is why we have joined the Giving Tuesday movement this holiday season! To give the gift of a smile to kids who need our help to live inclusive pain free lives.

If you believe that every kid should have a smile on their face this season and througho