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The Eastern Front Theatre Society

Eastern Front Theatre is a professional theatre with a 28 year history of telling the stories of Atlantic Canada. We have premiered over 200 plays, won numerous accolades for our productions and employed thousands of Atlantic Canadians as actors, directors, designers, technicians, carpenters, administrators, support staff, cultural managers, creative professionals, etc.

The theatre industry has suffered greatly during the pandemic, with organizations shutting down overnight and the staff and artists left unemployed, with many losing their secondary jobs in the restaurant and tourism industries as well. Theatres will be among the last places to open at full capacity and since our budgets rely heavily on earned revenue from ticket sales, fundraising and sponsorships, the damage has been deep. 

That being said, Eastern Front Theatre is determined to persevere. We are planning live theatre shows in the new year, but we need your help!

Mounting a season of theatre during a pandemic is a huge undertaking. Keeping our artists and audiences safe is our first priority, and must be accomplished in ways that push the boundaries of traditional theatre practices. Our 2020-21 season will have us testing the waters of digital theatre, seeing whether people are ready to sit in an audience together, and learning how we can create/rehearse/design/perform when the rules could change at any moment.

We invite you to join us as we wade through these uncharted waters. We have seen an increase in support from the community already as people and organizations are banding together.

We hope you will consider donating to Eastern Front Theatre so we can keep telling stories and supporting Atlantic Canadian artists for another 28 years. Let's end 2020 on a high note!

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