The Oakville Arts Council

On December 1st, The Oakville Arts Council is proudly participating in the #OakvilleGives challenge. We are asking community leaders such as yourself to donate to the Oakville Arts Council, share your giving on social media with the hashtag #OakvilleGives, and then pass on the challenge to another person in your circle. It's a quick, easy and effective way to share the spirit of giving and caring that makes Oakville a wonderfully vibrant and creative place to live.

For the last 38 years the Oakville Arts Council has been the art sector’s “One Voice”; nurturing and strengthening this dynamic community through a variety of arts programming and advocacy initiatives. The OAC is an umbrella organization and registered charity with a mission to ensure Oakville remains a place where artists can connect, collaborate, and create.

We market, advocate and facilitate artists and art organizations in the Oakville community and have developed programming to engage the community in different forms of art. Some of the community programming we have initiated that grew into long-standing, independent organizations include ArtWorks OakvilleMonday Night at the Movies and World of Threads Festival.

We could not provide this quality programming without partnerships and support from our donors, so we ask that you please consider making a donation. With your support, we can continue to support Oakville artists, help foster arts and culture, and maintain and expand services and programming that engage the Oakville community.

Faites un don