Turtle House Art Play Centre


Imagine if everything you knew in your life was turned upside down - your home was gone, your friends were gone, your way of life - gone...everything displaced - life as you knew it - forever changed.

That is what it is like for the young children who arrive to Canada from these war-torn countries.

More than 8000 Syrian refugees have settled this year in the GTA, with more still to come. Their lives have been completely interrupted by the conflict, often displacing families, and unsettling all the things they have come to know. These experiences coupled with the migration experience and relocation to a completely new country and culture often leaves families, particularly children disoriented, disconnected and vulnerable.

That is why Turtle House is here - to reach out and support these families in an effort to create a safe environment, where through the exploration of art and music together, community is built, support systems are put into place and light begins to shine through the uncertainty and darkness.

Welcome to our first-ever Holiday Fundraising Campaign! We are reaching out to our colleagues, friends and families to help support our goal of raising $25,000 in support of our 2017 Program Initiatives.

There are so many ways to make a difference; here are just a few of our key ones.

1. Donate $36 to sponsor one child experiencing the wonder of a multi-faceted arts session including ceramics,  painting, singing and music.

2. Donate $50 to support the hiring of a Canadian artist or musician to lead these arts sessions.

3. Donate $100 to sponsor a whole family’s participation in this incredible arts and music session.

4. Donate $250 to sponsor a child’s entire 7-session experience. Or make whatever contribution you are able to - just know every donation counts towards changing the lives of these children and their families.

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