United Achievers' Community Services Inc


LAMP Campaign
Leadership, Arts & Mental-wellness Programs

Light a LAMP and brighten the future of our children, youth, seniors and families! It takes just $25 to light a LAMP. How many LAMPs will you light?

With $25, for one week a child will benefit from individual tutoring, showcase their creativity and express themselves through arts.

With $25, a child can attend one day of summer camp, a place where children can broaden their horizons, forge new friendships and explore new worlds.

With $25, you can help seniors reduce the sense of loneliness by joining with other seniors for a time of fellowship, food and fun.

With $25, you can help a woman find her voice, gain her confidence and find safety for herself and her child from an abusive situation. 

With $25, you can help parents build a better relationship with their children and each other through counselling.

So how many LAMPs will you light? Join with us to make the future brighter for members of our community.

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