Vancouver Bach Family of Choirs

On GivingTuesday we'll be preparing for our upcoming Christmas concerts in Vancouver. Your donations help keep the music alive for our 500 members and keep music in the lives of children who do not receive it as a mandatory subject in the public school system.

"As a scientist, people often ask me why the Arts are important. They ask me whether the Arts improve or enhance life. They ask me what place the Arts should have at a university.
To this I reply: Actually, I think the Arts are far more profound than something that enhances life. The Arts are central to life itself. Being educated in the Arts - broadly defined - helps create an internal frame of reference on how to be a human being and citizen. And the Arts help define what it means to be a just community. I shudder to imagine life devoid of the Arts. It would be a dull and monochrome existence."
UBC President Santa Ono

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