Victoria-Taiama Partnership

Sierra Leone has the highest maternal mortality , and the second highest infant mortality rates in the world. Many factors contribute to this: lack of pre and post natal care, lack of trained midwives and birthing facilities , lack of education, teen mothers, malnutrition, poor sanitation, to name a few. Since June 2016 when our maternal health program opened in Taiama, Sierra Leone, we have assisted 140 women to safely deliver 142 healthy infants (2 set of twins). You can help us keep up to this record by donating to our maternal health program! Our 2018 campaign is focused on raising funds for our current program, and a community maternal care program in four nearby villages. We need:
  • "baby bundles" ($20 per baby) supplies for newborns basket, mosquito net,supplements for mom, lotions, clothing
  • one more midwife ($200 per month)
  • one motorbike and fuel for a midwife to make pre and post natal visits to 4 nearby villages ($2500)

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