Abbey Cat Adoptions

Abbey Cat Adoptions is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding permanent homes for abandoned cats and kittens in the Greater Toronto Area.
We work closely with foster homes and potential adopters to find a suitable match between families and their new pet.

Due to an overwhelming number of kittens born each year there are hundreds of healthy young cats and kittens who are at risk of euthanasia in overcrowded shelters or exposure to the elements in the coming winter months.
It is our mission to find a permanent and loving home for each Abbey Cat and many others who are waiting to enter the program.

In order for us to save more lives and find permanent homes for the cats and kittens who come to us we are asking you to open your hearts and your wallets to either become a foster parent or donate what you can during this season of giving.
No amount is too small to make a big difference.

Below is just one example of those we have been able to help because of your support and generosity.

Mavis, a young mother, came to Abbey Cats when a kind person who was feeding her contacted us.

This petite lady had survived outdoors and birthed three litters, and this summer she and her 5 kittens were rescued and taken in to one of our foster homes.

Mavis’ life before becoming an “Abbey Cat” was fraught with the perils of being homeless and the uncertainty of where her (and her babies’) next meal was coming from, as well as the dangers presented by other cats and predators.

Since being rescued, Mavis has enjoy being pampered with chin scratches and ear, nose and head rubs and being very gently brushed, and is coming to understand how safe indoor life can be.

Mavis is still waiting for that special someone to make her a permanent part of their family.

Abbey Cats is able to help Mavis and others like her because of the generosity of our supporters, and this Giving Tuesday we are asking that you dig a little deeper into your pockets to help us help cats and kittens in need.

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