Accessibility Renovations for Kids

There are 9,300 Albertan families that have a child with a mobility challenge. Sadly, many of these families cannot afford accessibility-related renovations that will greatly improve their quality of life.

That's where we come in!

ARK is a Registered Canadian Charity based in Calgary, AB. Our mission is to ease the daily lives of children with mobility challenges. We assess the specific needs of each recipient family, and carry-out renovations, or modifications, to the home that are tailored to their needs. We recently completed a renovation for a family that has a child with a rare neurological condition, called polymicrogyria. This disease results in permanent physical and cognitive complications. The family faced a daily struggle with having to care for a growing child in a small bathroom that was not fitted with any assistive mobility equipment. ARK successfully planned and executed a renovation that increased floor-space and functionality of the family's bathroom. These renovations tremendously improve their daily lives as they can adequately care for the child with ease. The market-value for this renovation was $40,000, but through donations, volunteers, and strategic planning, ARK was able to complete the renovation for under $25,000.

ARK is currently selecting another recipient family for a renovation that will be completed in 2019. Please consider supporting ARK in our efforts to ease the daily struggles of families in need, and help us reshape their world! Our organization is completely volunteer-based, and relies on the generous support of our donors and sponsors.

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