Ansaar Foundation

Ansaa' s Mobile Food Bank project purpose is to serve non-perishable food to the homeless and seniors in Scarborough region.
This project will give us the capacity to reach the most marginalized individuals and the opportunity to expand our reach to seniors, individuals with disabilities and others. Through this project Ansaar would use raised funds towards purchase of Van.

Project Highlights:
The food served will include non-perishable items;

Ansaar aims to purchase a van, which will deliver the food at various locations in Scarborough;
Volunteers and interns will be mobilized for distribution and pick-up of food;

They will be involved in packaging and distribution of food bags to at least 100 individuals once a week;

The Mobile Food Bank project will also cover operations expenses such as insurance, storage facility, van, parking, drivers, program person and food.

Non-perishable items will include: Granola and cereal bars, Trail mix, ramon noodles, fruit cups, cookies, macaroni and cheese, fruit snacks, canned tuna, coconut water juice, packaged mixed nuts, crackers and snacks.

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