Autism Speaks Canada

Everyday challenges that affect the lives of individuals on the spectrum and their families vary and are only exacerbated by COVID-19. Autism Speaks Canada is committed to supporting autistic Canadians and their families during these extraordinary times.
  • Autism Speaks Canada CONNECTa free online portal for the autism community. We have created new COVID-19 Communities, where people can join discussion groups on shared topics of interest and resources for children, caregivers and adults.
  • Autism Response Team. Autism Speaks Canada is here to help and support the autism community. Call 1-888-362-6227 or email for questions about access to tools, resources and personalized navigation supports.
  • Website COVID-19 Information and Resources is updated regularly as new content is developed. Information about rescheduled Autism Speaks Canada events can also be found here.
  • Curated Covid-19 content on Social Media, we post valuable information and Covid-19 resources to help families work through common challenges.  We encourage you to follow @autismspeakscanada on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and @autismspeakscan on Twitter for regular updates.

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