Bide Awhile Animal Shelter Society

At any given time, Bide Awhile Animal Shelter has 100 cats and dogs, waiting for their forever families to come and meet them. As our pets go through the shelter intake process, a typical, healthy animal receives services such as feline leukemia testing, up-to-date vaccinations, spaying or neutering, deworming, any necessary grooming, microchipping and are socialized with other cats and humans.

The cost is, at minimum $350, for one healthy cat or dog to be admitted into the shelter and rehomed – and, at any given time, we have more than one hundred animals.

But, not all cats and dogs are created equal.

When Bide Awhile accepts an animal, we are never sure what sort of illnesses or health concerns we may discover during their health check-up. Most recently, we took in and rehomed a kitten named Uma, who needed extra special care during her stay at Bide Awhile.

This is Uma’s story: Uma came into the shelter mid-summer. She was just a small kitten, who was quite friendly and sweet, but it was immediately clear she had an infection in her left eye. It’s unclear what led to her injury – a bite, a scratch or something else. What was known, was that her eye was badly hurt and needed to be removed to prevent further infection.

In addition to her eye removal surgery, Uma experienced everything that all Bide Awhile animals do – she was checked by a vet, received up-to-date vaccinations, she was dewormed, microchipped, spayed, tested for feline leukemia, and socialized.

But, due to her eye injury, she was kept in isolation for a few weeks as she recovered. In time, Uma healed and she made her way to the main cat room, where she spent a few weeks waiting to meet her forever family. She was still monitored regularly by the vet and was socialized with other animals while she waited for the right fit to walk through the door.

Despite her eye removal, Uma made a full recovery and is otherwise expected to live a long and happy, healthy life. Uma was adopted by a lovely family and has adapted to life with just one eye.

Significant procedures such as Uma’s aren’t a common occurrence, but they aren’t rare either. Sometimes animals come in with skin irritations, allergies, teeth that need to be pulled, abscesses, and other issues that make their adoption process more complicated and expensive than normal.

Because of the support of our donors, we can ensure that, not only do our animals find loving, forever homes, but that they leave happy and healthy, ready to start their new lives. This Giving Tuesday, Bide Awhile Animal Shelter hopes to raise enough funds to cover the base cost of rehoming ten animals. Our $3,500 goal will help us take in ten animals, and ensure they leave for their forever families happy and healthy.

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, please consider helping us help the animals with a donation to Bide Awhile. On #givingtuesday we will be running a social media campaign to generate donations to rescue and rehome at least ten cats and dogs. We rely on fundraising and donations to operate and we can't do it without your generous support.

Here's an idea of how you can help us help animals like Uma:
• $10 helps cover the cost of kitty litter for one cat for a month
• $25 will cover the cost of cat food for a month for one cat
• $50 will cover the cost of vaccines for one animal
• $100 will help cover the cost to spay or neuter a cat or dog
• $350 will cover the minimum costs of one animal going through the shelter process

You can learn more about our organization and programs at

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