Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre

SHARE365 is BBNC's grassroots, resident/participant driven poverty reduction program, designed to address the centre’s overall strategy to impact change within the community. It annually serves approximately 711 individuals (236 families) in southwest Scarborough who live in poverty. SHARE365 is led by an Advisory Committee comprised of people with lived experience of poverty, volunteers and staff, who meet monthly. SHARE365 impacts change through diverse food security programs, case management services, healthy living programs fostering improved community health; and educational and skills training activities that foster increased pathways out of poverty. Social change work is supported through targeted fundraising annually, with all funds going directly to participant subsidies for workshops, trainings and wellness opportunities including various food security programs. SHARE365 also engages the civic leadership of individuals and equity seeking groups in social change work addressing poverty. It provides civic literacy trainings, runs poverty animator groups, and supports participants’ engagement in anti-poverty campaigns and policy work, thereby helping to empower their voices on problems and solutions to poverty in Toronto.

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