Broadlands Public School Playground Fund

Broadlands Public School's playground is nearing its end of life and will soon need to be torn down and replaced.

The vision is to relocate the new playscape to one of the baseball fields and convert the current playground area into a new basketball court — giving all Broadlands students a new area to play at recess.

TDSB funding will cover some basics for the renewal of our playground, but that’s it. So for the last couple of years, both the school and SAC has set aside funds from their annual budget in order to bring the entire outdoor vision to life. But the fundraising isn't over yet and we still need your help and support. This Giving Tuesday, please consider making a donation to help SAC work with the school to complete this major undertaking!

Click on the link to donate - under "Fund Destination", select "Broadlands Public School" to ensure your money goes directly to the school.

Thank you all for your continued support of Broadlands. "On est magnifique" because of you!

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