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Canadian Canoe Museum

Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday with us by donating $150 to help us conserve and share an integral piece of Canada's heritage.

Imagine you are a student in a grade 4 class in a remote town in Northern Ontario, or an educator in a low income school in a large city; opportunities to expand ones learning outside of the classroom becomes very limited. What better place to explore Canada’s history, the fur trade and indigenous cultures than the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough.
It is with a passion for educating and inspiring others the Museum once again reaches out for your support. By December 2017, the Museum will have shared its vast collection with over 100 schools around the world through its Skype Virtual Field Trips program. It is because of the generosity of people like you that the Museum is able to offer virtual educational programs at no cost to the participating schools.  With your help we can increase the number of youth reached throughout Canada and the World in 2018.
“Skype in the classroom is an amazing learning tool that extends learning outside of the classroom. It allows students to connect with others outside of their community and learn new and exciting ideas. This is especially important for rural schools that do not necessarily have access to many museums. found in larger cities. The Canadian Canoe Museum Skype Session exceeded our expectations. Our students were engaged long after the session was over.” – Sandra Theobald, St. John Catholic School, Perth, ON
Your support is extremely important and provides the resources we need to make all of this possible.
From September 18th to October 2nd, Chuck Commanda along with a dedicated team worked in the Museum's "Preserving Skills Gallery" to construct a traditional Gitigan Ziibi-style birch bark canoe. This project left a legacy for The Canadian Canoe Museum. As stewards of the largest collection of canoes and paddled watercraft in the world, embarking upon a major redevelopment project, exposure to Mr. Commanda’s deep knowledge enhanced the museum's interpretation, programs and activities. In the two short weeks that the Jiimaan Project took place, 545 students from across North America were able to engage with the project whether it was in person or via Skype.  It is with your support that the Museum is able to make a lasting impression. Your personal dedication to preserving and celebrating the traditions and importance of the canoe allows us to connect with many students who otherwise would not experience the Museum’s collection and its many opportunities for learning and discovery.
To help capture the difference you make with your support, here is what a teacher from Perth, ON had to say about her classes experience with the Museum:
“If you are wondering if what you are doing has an impact I will tell you that it certainly does. This is the first year that I have had two students come to me and share that they are First Nations. The way the Sept. 18th session was presented I believe was so empowering for the students. It was an opportunity to share the richness of the culture… one more way to bring learning to life.”
The number of young minds you have helped us to educate and encourage to explore Canada’s heritage this year is nothing short of remarkable.  It is through your support that the Museum’s Education department is able to develop, implement and execute exciting new programming each year. Donate today and support the Museum as we use our world-class collection as a catalyst that inspires connection, curiosity and new understanding.

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