Central Alberta Victim and Witness Support Services


For Giving Tuesday we will be reflecting on the reasons why we support victims of crime and/or tragedy.  Our staff and advocates will be posting seflies promoting Giving Tuesday while saying what it means to us to give, with our whole heart, and the strength and benefits we receive when we give, how empowering it can be to know you made a difference in someone’s life, in the moment they needed it most.  With our selfie campaign, we will be asking those who see it to also take a selfie and share why they give.  We aim to encourage people to give, to create a ripple effect that one simple act of giving, let it be a smile, a wave, a coffee, monetary donation or a donation of your time, can gather such momentum and help people realize how simply they can give and the opportunities available to them to get involved and GIVE.

Faites un don