Centre for Abuse and Trauma Therapy Inc


Someone who has been abused as a child may have difficulty trusting people and have a lowered self-esteem, thus causing them to often engage in unhealthy relationships. All too often survivors of an entire childhood of torture and abuse are unemployed and disabled is many ways. Thus, having to pay for their own therapy is a great hardship, especially since it can take several years to recover from such vicious psychological wounding.    The good news is appropriate trauma therapy works for these heroic survivors. They can heal from the terror of their younger lives and go on to live happy, safe, productive lives. It does take a time though, commonly years of therapy is necessary to heal completely from such extensive wounds.    The Centre has struggled to keep the lower end of our sliding scale accessible to the survivors of the worst forms of abuse. However with rising costs, we can’t keep the doors open and maintain that level. WE NEED YOUR HELP

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