Children's Safety Village Belleville


The Children's Safety Village staff and board of directors wants to thank the community for their continued support. Established in 2004 to teach primary grades pedestrian and street safety, the Village now offers 10 interactive and engaging safety programs to provide children with necessary knowledge and empower them to live healthy and safe lives. Programs reflect modern safety dangers such as internet and tricky people safety, and branch into nutrition and emotional wellness - recognizing that safety stems far beyond its traditional views. In an ever changing digital world, children are faced with pressures and dangers that not only effect them physically, but also emotionally.

Partnering with local community organizations, the Children's Safety Village uses experiential learning methods as a means to educate youth. By actively participating in their learning through mimicked real life scenarios, youth are able to feel empowered to take these practices outside of a controlled environment and into the real, or virtual, world. Programs are offered at a no-cost structure to schools throughout Hastings Prince Edward Counties and beyond - with the belief that safety education should be accessible and available to all. To maintain their no-fee structure, the Village relies on community support through monetary and in-kind donations, sponsorship, and grant funding.

Consider donating to the Children's Safety Village to help keep our communities safe! All donations support Village operations, including programming, classroom supplies, and general maintenance costs.Thank you for your consideration and continued support!

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