Conservation Halton Foundation

Normally, this would be one of the most wonderful times of year at Mountsberg—spring is here, the animals are out and there are babies being born!—but these are not normal times.
Mountsberg Conservation Area is home to more than 60 animals, from hawks, owls and eagles to horses, goats and sheep, a whole bunch of bees and even a few snakes, to name just a few. We have dedicated staff who care for these animals, and in return, when we aren’t forced to close the parks due to a pandemic, the animals help us to teach school children, summer camp participants and park visitors about conservation and agriculture.
It costs about $200,000 per year to feed and care for our animals, and because the Conservation Halton Parks do not receive support from municipal, provincial or federal taxes, we depend on entrance fees, membership purchases and other donations to fund these expenses. With the parks being closed, we don’t currently have this revenue, but we still have mouths to feed— little baby chick mouths, big hungry hawk mouths, grass-grazing horse mouths, hay-chewing goat mouths, carrot-chomping bunny mouths and so many others.
This #GivingTuesdayNow show your support to The Mountsberg Animal Food Fund and help us feed and care for these animals, which bring so much love and learning to our community throughout the year, until we are able to open the parks. If you have ever visited the animals at Mountsberg, please consider donating. We also urge you to share this post with your friends, family and other followers.

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