Diefenbunker: Canada's Cold War Museum


Help us help the next generation of leaders through our Conflict Resolution Workshops! From December 1st until the January 15, 2016, the Diefenbunker is asking for your support to continue to offer this program free of charge to schools who could not otherwise afford it. Since nearly 40% of our visitors are under the age of 18 (and were therefore not yet born during the period of the Cold War), we serve an important role in teaching present and future generations the lessons of that pivotal moment in world history.

The program was developed in partnership with YOUCAN Ottawa, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to empowering and building a culture of peace among today's youth.  With YOUCAN's support, the Diefenbunker developed an approach that has multiple components at school and in the Museum: the basic principles of conflict resolution are taught in class, and then put into practice at the Museum through lockdown scenarios based on actual exercises used to train government officials at the Diefenbunker in the 1980's.

Since the program’s pilot phase, the Diefenbunker has continued to offer workshops to over 3600 youth for free or at a highly subsidized rate. As a non-for-profit charity, we need your support to help the schools and community groups that are most in need.       

  • Your donation of $25 will provide workshop materials to one class.
  • Your donation of $250 will help to cover bus costs for one class.
  • Your donation of $500 will cover the full cost of the workshop for one class.

There is no other museum like the Diefenbunker. With your help, there will never have to be another museum like the Diefenbunker. By providing today's youth with sound skills in problem-solving and conflict resolution, we're one step closer to making this statement a reality. 

Please visit our Canada Helps page to donate.

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