Eating Disorders Nova Scotia

Eating disorders are the most deadly mental illness - and 1 in 5 Nova Scotians will develop one by their 20th birthday.

EDNS believes that no one should have to face an eating disorder alone. As a small non-profit, we are rely entirely on fundraising and donations.  

One of our core programs is peer support. EDNS' trained peer mentors,  who have recovered from an eating disorder themselves, provide understanding and resources - and most of all, hope that recovery is possible.  EDNS offers individual peer support, group peer support, support groups for family & friends, and online peer support.

Peer support provides a bridge to formal treatment. It provides support to those in the early stages of recovery, and support to those on waitlists and unable to access care.

We've worked hard to raise awareness and reduce stigma. More than ever, people are opening up and sharing their stories -- and they're asking EDNS for help.

Unfortunately, the demand has exceeded our capacity -- we have a growing waitlist, and we don’t have funds to expand the number of people we’re supporting.  When someone has finally worked up the courage to come forward for help, it is heartbreaking and dangerous to tell them they will have to wait. 

You can help.

This Giving Tuesday, EDNS hopes to raise $2500 cover the cost of providing peer support to 20 people.

Here's how your donation can help:

  • $25 will provide materials and resources for someone attending our support group
  • $50 will provide a month of individual peer support
  • $80 will provide a bursary for someone to attend our 12-week group
  • $125 will provide someone a month of weekly online support sessions
  • $300 will provide on-going training for our peer supporters

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, please consider helping people on the road to recovery. On #givingtuesday we will be running a social media campaign to generate donations to provide peer support for 20 people. We rely on fundraising and donations to operate and we can't do it without your generous support. Please join us.

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